Uplink Internal Services Machine

Uplink Internal Services Machine Main Page

The Uplink Internal Services Machine is the hub of all hacker activity in the Uplink universe. Here you can find all news about your actions, the actions of other hackers, and the story. This is also where you will get nearly all of your in game missions and software. Hardware upgrades and gateway upgrades can also be purchased here for a hefty price. Rankings of the top ten Uplink agents are here as well. A help screen can be found here for new players to get their barings. Under the admin screen is a Elliptic-Curve encryption cypher as security. After the last layer of security is bypassed the file server, logs, and security systems. All security systems on this server are level 5.

Tabs Edit

This part listed the tabs of this machine :

- News Server : Find news here.

- Mission list : Find missions here.

- Software upgrades : Find softwares here.

- Hardware & Gateway upgrades : Find and buy hardwares/gateways here.

- Ranking : List top 10 Uplink Agents & the player's rank.

- Help : All things you should know in Uplink.

- Admin : Admin's page.Elliptic-Curve encryption cypher as security.Very hard to break-in.